Print4All 2019

How to listen to and understand the needs of customers in continuous evolution?

4.0 technologies make the role of the press in brand communication increasingly central. How can you put your company at the forefront of the market? How to be more and more competitive? After Print4All‘s debut last year, looking to the 2021 edition, a new appointment on the internati

onal platform brings together the entire graphics and communication chain to intensify business opportunities.

The consumer purchasing process has changed from linear and predictable to personal and changing from day to day: touch points are fragmented, devices are multiplying. How to renew the value of a company towards its customers? How to make innovation an operational lever that supports the development of the customer base that will come?

At Print4All, Corner Stones will take a contribution in which the consolidated company and the agile approaches of the emerging innovative companies will be compared.