About us

Corner Stones is an investment vehicle born to support the industrial development of technological and commercial, radically innovative solutions.

Corner Stones responds to the need for concrete tools for a scalable and sustainable growth of new entrepreneurship initiatives with a strong innovative attitude. It does it in partnership with InnoVits, the startup accelerator founded by former MIP students at the Business school of Politecnico di Milano in 2010. And through its partner Merging Minds, with whom it implements an internationalization program in the USA based in Florida.

The mission of Corner Stones is to concretely realise innovation, picking raw diamonds and transforming them into valuable enterprises.

Corner Stones focuses its funding and R&D esclusively on high potential projects. That is why it places down acceleraation and incubation enterpreneurial paths, selecting only two projects per year.

Each of the selected projects is provided with professional competences and resources, tu foster their growth with a tight operational, financial and legal collaboration and monitoring.

Who we're looking for

We select startups that

  • Have accomplished a prototyping path (Proof of Concept)

  • Have realized or are realizing a Proof of Market

  • Have projected a consistent growth roadmap and a believable go-to-market strategy

  • Propose radically innovative ideas, able to creare brand new markets or change existing ones

We're looking for investors that

  • Have interest in investing their competences, both financial and entrepreneurial, in the development of innovative, high potential projects

  • Are willing to directly contribute, through their industrial assets

Our support

Corner Stones nurtures high potential projects by providing professional competences and resources and through an economic, financial and operational support and monitoring.

Accounting, wages, fiscal consultancy

Adciving on business models, business planning, go-to-market, intellectual property and general management

Redaction of customized statute and shareholder's agreement, contracts

Scouting of and application to tenders and grant awards

Direct funding by selected industrial partners

Scouting of resources and competences

Marketing and communication design and operations

Scouting and selection of prospects, market channels and industrial relationships