InnoVits: scouting and nurturing innovation

InnoVits is the no profit  startup accelerator created by former MIP alumni in collaboration with the alumni association of the Business School of Politecnico di Milano University.

Since 2010 InnoVits has welcomed more than four hundred startups, nurturing their development and sustaining their entrepreneurial growth for free, capitalising the experience and competence of an Agorà composed by more than sixty managers, coming from any industry.

The partnership with InnoVits, business laboratory

From the collaboration between the two realities has born an engine for the concrete research and development of new entrepreneurial, high potential and risk, initiatives, composed by a no profit accelerator (InnoVits) and an investment vehicle focused on collecting private capitals coherent with the relating businesses (Corner Stones).

  • InnoVits: scouting of innovative, high growth potential. Mentoring, coaching and acceleration.
  • Corner Stones: funding, legal support, sales support, communication, packaging, logistics.