Il futuro della plastica

On June 23rd we will contribute to the Webinar La plastica: nuovi progetti di ricerca e applicazioni innovative by the Unione degli Industriali della Provincia di Varese on the theme “The future of plastics at the time of Covid-19”.

What is the future awaiting the plastics industry? Everyone is called upon to give their own answer to this question: institutions, companies, university and research systems. Each contribution, however, must come to terms with a completely different scenario than a few months ago. The emergence of the Covid-19 epidemic has re-evaluated the role of this material in the defence and protection of public and individual health. However, the knots of end-of-use, recycling and circular economy projects to limit the impact on the environment remain on the table.

We will bring the contribution of Grycle, one of the most promising projects in our portfolio.

Participation in the Webinar (accessible exclusively via the “Zoom” platform) is free, subject to registration. Links and access methods will be communicated a few hours before the start of the Webinar, exclusively to those who have registered online on the Unione Industriali website.