Grycle at Web Summit 2020

Circular Economy

According to World Bank Group, our global production of urban, undifferentiated waste will grow from 2bln to 3.4bln of tons, that is an increase of 70%, by 2050

Well, we think there’s definitely less focus on the domain of solutions. And that the time has come for our technological capabilities to create solutions to:

  • restore the balance
  • make our presence on Earth more sustainable.

No more waste

Our project Grycle is partecipating in Web summit 2020, the world’s largest technology conference.
Light and artificial intelligence are used to automatically recognize and separate (the) materials.
Thanks to its small size, Grycle machinery can be deployed upstream of the chain, bringing positive impact in terms of:

  1. reducing the costs of established processes of collection, transportation and treatment
  2. reducing pollution
  3. creating of a new, unexpected source of economic value

With Grycle we truly believe we can globally change how we consume and dispose. Our objective is: no more waste.


For all those who are participating in WebSummit 2020, we would like to point out that on December the 3rd at 3:00 pm CET, we will hold a presentation session of Grycle, in English, entitled: “Meet Grycle: no more waste but a gold mine of valuable resources”.

Access the Web Summit Room for Grycle meeting.

Our partner InnoVits will be with us.