Merging Minds

Internationalization in the USA

In the spring of 2020 Corner Stones consolidated its partnership with Merging Minds International, consolidating the many years of work that has seen it, together with its partner InnoVits, experiment with the internationalization of innovative companies between Italy and the USA.

MergingMinds supports European technology companies in their initiatives to enter the U.S. market, to start their global presence. The objective is to test the suitability of products to the U.S. market with low risk, reasonable costs and the right tools and network to promote their success.

Merging Minds is structured to take unique product and service solutions to the United States from Florida.
Through the MM platform, dedicated and active team members, mentors and partners, companies connect and collaborate with selected companies across the US to implement their unique market entry initiatives.

Soft landing

The soft landing program is intended for companies with a proven business model in their domestic market who want to test strategic and market options before making major investments in the United States. Technology companies face various obstacles when trying to enter new markets: differences in legal and tax systems, lack of market expertise and cultural understanding, access to an adequate network and lack of trust, to name a few.

A well-researched understanding of the target market is vital to success and should be built up before spending a significant amount of capital to expand using home country strategies.

Merging Minds provides a go-to-market initiative for its members at a cost and speed otherwise
unavailable. The programme gives European companies access to a platform to test their value proposition.
and market in the United States, involving a mix of potential customers, strategic partners and industry experts.