The project

Our invention is a mechatronic machinery (patent got in July 2018), associable with domestic appliance, capable of replacing the human work in the preparation of the waste in their path towards recycling

Waste is automatically transformed into grains of separated and valuable raw materials. No need to differentiate for humans. Great reduction in garbage volume

Through a treatment process that inverts waste processing of the recycling chain in industrial plants

  • volume Reduction and Movement
  • washing and sterilization
  • identification
  • separation

Three different technologies have been taken into consideration for the material recognition

  • recognition of weight and volume, from which we get the specific weight and therefore the type of material
  • image of the molecular structure
  • infrared sensors

Further details here.


Grycle concept


The team

Edoardo Carlucci

Edoardo Carlucci

Daniele Pes

Daniele Pes