The project

The smart glass, indefinitely reusable and brand driver

On May the 25th 2020 Corner Stones entered the equity of PCUP, a promising Italian startup.

Europe is leading the transition to sustainable capitalism as a response to the global problem of pollution. Disposable packaging is one of the vicious models in the sights of big capitals, institutions and the common sense.

PCUP offers a creative solution to the problem of disposable glasses at major events: indestructible glasses that can be used and washed indefinitely, but also interactive trend objects that bring people and stakeholders together, generating an innovative quality and capillarity.


PCUP is the first drinking-as-a-service thanks to a chip inserted on the bottom, integrated sensors and management software able to exploit the information collected to make social and economic relations in real time.

The PCUP team is composed of three guys with a clear vision and strong determination and a team of advisors (with InnoVits matrix) with proven professional experience.

IoT for environmental protection

With this investment Corner Stones renews its interest in tangible and concrete projects, in which the technological component brings together material science and digital technologies. And it continues along the path that leads it to renew the Italian tradition for design and innovation.

Added to this is the potential of the partner InnoVits to scout for innovation and support in the development of business projects with a strong innovative attitude.