The project

Generating energy by “dressing” with aesthetics. Enhancing resilience and efficiency.

Photovoltaic solar cells are a concrete answer to the need for generating energy from renewable sources. But they cover remarkable surfaces with ugly design.

Efficiently producing energy from the sun takes direct exposure. How can we sustain the unaesthetic visual impact of photovoltaic panels when they cover such visible surfaces?

Solar Art Innovation

Sheding a new light on solar panels

Thanks to our innovation we radically change the concept of photovoltaics, creating advanced technological solutions aimed at valuing the whatever surface, fixed or mobile. The potential applications are enormous: surface exposed surface is a possible source of energy and communication.

It is now possible to create a fully integrated, custom designphotovoltaic surface and maintain high energy efficiency (90% of the standard solar panel).

A mix of creativity, design and technology that enhances the beauty of surfaces, creating energy and respecting nature.

The sky is the limit

The integration of our technology in the established processes of solar panels manifacturing introduces robustness (ten years lasting tested ultra-violets resistance + 90% of tested efficiency) and ecletticism (a new way to communicate through the exposed surfaces, while producing valuable energy) in the established market of photovoltaics.

This is how, through smart design and materials, we make solar art.

We aim at leading the evolution of photovoltaics, from the mere technicalities of Building Integrated solutions to a new way to dress up things, transforming every exposed surface into a source of energy.