A reference point in innovation

What can renew the Italian tradition in development of design and innovation?

Corporates are focused on mainstream business and often strive to consolidate multifunctional new product development processes able to sustain future growth.

The challenge is to make companies capable to accept and develop outside innovation. It is necessary to exploit internal competences through external development paths that are sustainable, by sharing of value, together with financial risks and charges.

Startups, the new entrepreneurial initiatives, grow but not at the pace that should be to sustain a concrete development of innovation. They often become small or medium companies that someway lose the original potential of growth, coming out of the innovative factor they were born for.

Corner Stones takes on the challenge of raising high potential innovation, picking raw diamonds and transforming them into model enterprises.

The innovation we invest in

Retail lab

An innovation laboratory dedicated to sales points, where the whole retail value chain becomes object of scouting for radically changing customer experiences.

Renewable energies

A proprietary, surprising technology to product photovoltaic surfaces with a fully customizable aesthetic design of impressive impact. A sort of “tissue”, able to sustainably generate energy while covering the surfaces of buildings, boats, accessories.

Waste management

A machinery for domestic use, able to substitute manual differentiation of waste with an automatic process that can generate raw, recyclable material

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Our partner Grycle srl has been selected for the FoodTechStartUp Initiative 2018, a comprehensive program aimed at technology startups looking for concrete business opportunities: every few months, a rigorous selection and training process leads the best start-ups to high-profile, technology-specific…

The laboratory promoted by R&P Consulting is meant to collectively analyze nature and dimension of the impact that Human Resources may have in supporting the Digital Transformation of established companies.

Knowing the opportunities enabled by the Digital Transformation is…

28/02/2018 Barcelona

At Mobile World Congress 2018

The GSMA Mobile World Congress is a combination of the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry and a conference featuring prominent executives representing mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors and content owners from across the world.

MWC is, after  CES in Las…