Good ideas, to make the world a better place

We just take on the challenge of raising high potential innovation, picking raw diamonds and transforming them into model enterprises.

The innovation we invest in


Research and development of products and licenses for medical devices. The company uses its technology platform on nanomaterials applied to natural polymers such as silk.

Circular Economy

A machinery for domestic use, able to substitute manual differentiation of waste with an automatic process that can generate raw, recyclable material

Renewable energies

A proprietary, surprising technology to product photovoltaic surfaces with a fully customizable aesthetic design of impressive impact. A sort of “tissue”, able to sustainably generate energy while covering the surfaces of buildings, boats, accessories.

Meet us

24/02/2020 Barcelona

Mobile World Congress 2020

The Fair

The MWC is an important event for the smartphone industry. Even if the big manufacturers expose more and more often their products within the framework of their own public demonstrations, the MWC remains a must for all…

04/11/2019 Lisbon

Web Summit 2019, the Davos for geeks

Web Summit 2019

Portugal is preparing, for the fourth time in a row, to host the Web Summit in Lisbon, the world’s largest event on new information technologies and the Internet. This year the event will be held from 4 to 7…