A reference point in innovation

What can renew the Italian tradition in development of design and innovation?

Corporates are focused on mainstream business and often strive to consolidate multifunctional new product development processes able to sustain future growth.

The challenge is to make companies capable to accept and develop outside innovation. It is necessary to exploit internal competences through external development paths that are sustainable, by sharing of value, together with financial risks and charges.

Startups, the new entrepreneurial initiatives, grow but not at the pace that should be to sustain a concrete development of innovation. They often become small or medium companies that someway lose the original potential of growth, coming out of the innovative factor they were born for.

Corner Stones takes on the challenge of raising high potential innovation, picking raw diamonds and transforming them into model enterprises.

The innovation we invest in


Research and development of products and licenses for medical devices. The company uses its technology platform on nanomaterials applied to natural polymers such as silk.

Circular Economy

A machinery for domestic use, able to substitute manual differentiation of waste with an automatic process that can generate raw, recyclable material

Renewable energies

A proprietary, surprising technology to product photovoltaic surfaces with a fully customizable aesthetic design of impressive impact. A sort of “tissue”, able to sustainably generate energy while covering the surfaces of buildings, boats, accessories.

Meet us

CES is the world’s gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. It has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for 50 years, the global stage where next-generation innovations are…

08/05/2019 Genova, Fondazione Ansaldo

Inside Factory 4.0

On 8 May we will be at the Ansaldo Foundation, guests of Ansaldo Energia, for Inside Factory 4.0.

Without a strong manufacturing culture, the digital transformation of the factories alone cannot bring about a significant result in terms of…

13/04/2019 Piazza Castello, Circuito Fuorisalone, Milano

Milano Design Week – Hi Hack

Saturday, April 13, beginning at 3:00 pm, Corner Stones, together with its partner InnoVits, on the occasion of the Milan Design Week and in collaboration with PWC, will participate in Hi Hack, an event that aims to become…

22/03/2019 Centro Congressi Stella Polare, Fiera Milano – Rho

Print4All 2019

How to listen to and understand the needs of customers in continuous evolution?

4.0 technologies make the role of the press in brand communication increasingly central. How can you put your company at the forefront of the market? How to…

08/01/2019 Las Vegas

CES Consumer Electronics Show 2019

As usual, Corner Stones will be present at CES 2019, the historic international trade fair dedicated to innovation and with a focus on consumer electronics:

180,000 visitors 4,400 exhibitors 1,000 speakers

We will be present as an investors,…